BOFs and Hackfests at GUADEC 2015

Hi everyone!

We'll host BOFs and Hackfests for GUADEC 2015 between August 10-12, right after the main conference days.

We're sorry we are delayed with regards to that. We've been struggling to find a venue to host these events. Right now we have a plan that would allow us to host BOFs in the traditional model, meaning having as many as we need.

However, if that falls through, we might need to make a call for BOFs, since we would have a limited amount of rooms to offer. If you would like to host a BOF or a Hackfest, please *get in touch with the local team as soon as possible*, so we can arrange things and add your event to the count.

Thanks, and sorry again!
- Andreas and the local GUADEC 2015 team

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