Re: GUADEC 2015 when?

Hi Alberto and Olav,

Lots of people have been reaching out to me in private about this as well.

The reason we haven't decided on a date yet is we're dealing with some venue issues.
The venue we initially looked at will go through renovations in the summer, we're not sure exactly when yet. They can only give us an answer around March or April.
Because of this, we're looking for other possible venues. Hopefully we'll have some answers and dates for you next week.
We've been planning to run the conference between August 7-9, with a flexible hackfest schedule after that. That might change depending on the final venue, but hopefully it helps with planning!

- Andreas

On 2015-01-21 14:13, Alberto Ruiz wrote:
I actually have the same question, I have a friend's wedding on the 1st of August and I need to know whether I can go or not.


2015-01-21 13:11 GMT+00:00 Olav Vitters <olav vitters nl>:

Any idea on when GUADEC 2015 will be? I need to coordinate my vacation
with colleagues and those colleagues aren't as flexible as me.

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Alberto Ruiz

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