Re: Agenda for board meeting on January 9th

the officers do not strictly need to be directors, i.e. the Board may
appoint anybody to hold those offices after a vote, but it's the Board
that votes, not the general membership of the Foundation; the members
of the Foundation elect the Board, though.

I can't see any reason why that could cause a problem in the foreseeable future. How about if you [the BoD] were to determine which (if any) common areas you find you need specific support in and then "advertise" those roles on the foundation list so you could vote on them between yourselves, then? If you did decide you wanted to delegate in some area or other, I would not mind helping you draft a description of it, if that would be useful.

> As far as I am aware, nobody does any statistical research at GNOME. What
> informs strategic decisions?

we don't do statistical research to decide what to work on. we're a
volunteer-driver project, and volunteer work is not fungible — i.e.
even if we did do statistical research and determined strategic
decisions, we'd still need somebody to volunteer to implement them,
and we could not rely on those decisions in a timely manner, thus
defeating the whole point.

Determining whether seeking out answers about a given problem is going to be practical depends on the situation, but personally I think there are certainly instances where it could be beneficial not to rule out this approach too hastily.

what we usually do is rely, for technical direction, on the
maintainers that comprise the larger GNOME ecosystem; what they want
to work on, what kind of directions they want to impel to the project.
we have special interest groups that drive various aspects of the
project — accessibility, documentation, internationalization, etc. —
as well as other entities that work on the infrastructure and
outreach. finally, we have the board, which is concerned with the
overall ability of the project to sustain itself financially, as well
as protect itself legally.

I know about that and technically, I am in one of the teams you mention. :D. I produce a reasonable amount of code (and stuff) for GNOME, anyway... What is less clear is whether there is the aforementioned stuff. :-)


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