About Gnome - Groupon Tablet Solution


I got GNOME Announcement  page recently on the web. 

I shocked because you people saying Groupon is fueled by open source software.
So I Think that you heard of other gnome
I also think that before naming a product the research team goggled about what gnome is.

So this is a worst attempt from Groupon to steal the name from a community, Open Source Project, FLOSS trademark .

If you have any respect to the software/codes you using from Opensource Software like Groupon’s new OSS homeGithub. etc then just change the name.

I never expecting such a worst unprofessional move from a professional well reputed company like Groupon.



Ranjith Siji
Walking Ants Technologies

Chat Google Talk: ranjith.sajeev Skype: ranjith.sajeev

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