Agenda for board meeting on June 3rd

Hello Foundation members!

The next board meeting is on June 3rd at 16:00 UTC.

This is the agenda:
 * Monthly financial update
 * Reimbursements:
  * VOTE: early reimbursement for GNOME.Asia for Sammy Fung: $400
  * West coast hackfest reimbursements
  * Delegating back to the Travel Committee
   * Updated proposal from the Travel Committee to the board:
 * Groupon
 * OPW
  * Intern payments: board review of which ones can be sent and which
ones cannot be sent yet for the upcoming round
  * OPW travel sponsorship
 * Events
  * GUADEC 2014
   * VOTE: Rosanna's flight ($1900)
   * Contract
   * Organisation
   * Board/adboard meeting dates
    * Proposal for board meeting on the 24th July
    * Proposal for adboard meeting on the 25th July
  * GNOME.Asia
   * Reports
 * Receiving Donations in the EU via the WHS
 * Pitivi donatations fees
 * Visa fees reimbursements

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