Agenda for board meeting on July 18th

Hello Foundation members!
The next board meeting is on July 18th at 16:00 UTC.

This is the agenda:
 * Finalizing the meeting time for the new Board
 * Monthly financial update
  * Monthly update
  * Planned spending
  * GNOME.Asia reimbursements
  * Accessibility campaign
 * Groupon update
 * Events
  * GUADEC 2014
  * GNOME.Asia
 * Agenda for advisory board meeting at GUADEC
 * Receiving Donations in the EU via the WHS
 * Update on the GANDI discounts as an additional benefit for GNOME
Foundation members

I would like to remind you that if you would like the board to discuss
any issues at a meeting, you are welcome to request additions to the
agenda for the following meeting at any time.

The new board will shortly be choosing officers to fill the following
positions: president/chairman, vice-president/chairman, secretary,
vice-secretary and treasurer. These positions are normally filled by
board members, but applications are also open to the membership.

- Kat

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