Re: Welcome interns!

Hi Marina, thanks a lot for allocating slots to these two students for pitivi, they deserve it and I am sure all 35 students do!

Let's have a great summer and do some great coding :)

On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 3:48 AM, Marina Zhurakhinskaya <marinaz redhat com> wrote:
Hi all,

GNOME accepted 35 Google Summer of Code and 3 Outreach Program for Women interns! Additionally, one student submitted the same proposal with GNOME and with the Mono Project to work on F-Spot, and was accepted by the Mono Project. All the interns made a contribution to the project they were applying to work on and connected with their mentors during the application process. We are thrilled to have these talented and dedicated contributors have a chance to spend the whole summer working on GNOME! Thanks to Google, Red Hat, HP, and the Linux Foundation for making these internships possible!

Thank you to all the mentors who helped the applicants along the way and will guide the participants this summer! We are especially glad to have returning mentors Cosimo Cecchi, Izidor Matušov, and Arth Patel, as well as new mentors Fabiano Fidencio, Mattias Bengtsson, Giovanni Campagna, Mathieu Duponchelle, Tobias Mueller, and Sindhu Sundar, all of whom have participated in GSoC before (and Sindhu participated in OPW too)! Everyone, please help out mentors from your project by also helping the participants when possible.

Please feel free to arrange to meet with interns from your town for beer, juice, and/or hacking! (Interns, please feel free to reply with an update if you are in a different city this summer from where your school is.)

Below, is the list of all the interns’ projects. You can learn more about them at and as the interns fill these pages out. The interns will blog about their work on Planet GNOME throughout the summer.

Thanks to everyone and welcome to the interns!
Marina, on behalf of GSoC and OPW admins


= Shell =

Carlos Soriano (csoriano) - “Gnome shell applications animation improvement”
location: Girona, Spain
mentor: Florian Müllner

= Continuous =

Shivani Poddar (shivani) - “Automated tests for applications in GnomeContinuous”
location: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India ‎
mentor: Vitezslav Humpa

Martin Simon (msimon) - “Automated tests for applications in GnomeContinuous”
location: Brno, Czech Republic
mentor: Vladimir Benes

= Weather =

Saurabh Patel (saurabh_P) - “Weather integration with geocode-glib and geoclue”
location: Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India
mentor: Giovanni Campagna

= Maps =

Damián Nohales (eagleoneraptor) - “Maps: Foursquare and Facebook integration”
location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
mentor: Jonas Danielsson

Dario Di Nucci (dardin88) - ”Add support to via points in Gnome Maps”
location: Salerno, Italy
mentor: Mattias Bengtsson

Rishi Raj Singh Jhelumi (rocker) - “Points of Interest and User Check Ins on FourSquare & Facebook”
location: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India ‎
mentor:  Mattias Bengtsson

= Music =

Arnel Borja (arnel) - “Advance Search and Remote Resources in GNOME Music”
location: Manila, Philippines
mentor: Vadim Rutkovsky

Sai Suman Prayaga (sai) - Implementation of remote resources in GNOME Music
location: Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India
mentor: Vadim Rutkovsky

= Videos =

Victor Toso (toso) - “TV Shows support in Videos and MusicBrainz in Music with Grilo”
location: Campinas, Brazil
mentor: Bastien Nocera

= Photos =

Saurav Agarwalla (saurav1992) - “Photos: Browse PicasaWeb content”
location: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India ‎
mentor: Debarshi Ray

Pranav Kant (pranavk) - “Photos: Browse DLNA media servers”
location: Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, India
mentor: Debarshi Ray

= Notes =

Chunyang Xu (chunyang) - "[Notes] Port Notes to WebKit2 and Implement mail as storage"
location: Nanjing, China
mentor: Pierre-Yves Luyten

= Boxes =

Timm Bäder (baedert) - “Add snapshotting and cloning of virtual machines to Gnome Boxes”
location: Stuttgart, Germany
mentor: Zeeshan Ali

Adrien Plazas (Kekun) - “Boxes: When creating a vm, offer to attach more than one monitor”
location: Montpellier, France
mentor: Christophe Fergeau

Lasse Schuirmann (sils1297) - “Boxes - Hardening sprint, express installation improvements & ISO download”
location: Hamburg, Germany
mentor: Zeeshan Ali

= Calculator =

Elita Astrid Angelina Lobo (elita15) - “Revamping the UI of GNOME Calculator and porting history view"
location: Durgapur, West Bengal, India ‎
mentor: Arth Patel

Daniel Renninghoff (dnlrn) - “Replace calculation back-end of Calculator with the GMP library”
location: Bonn, Germany
mentor: Arth Patel

= Games =

Nikhar Agrawal (Nikhar) - "Port Four-in-a-Row to Vala"
location: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India ‎
mentor: Michael Catanzaro

Parin Porecha (parin) - "GNOME-Sudoku Modernization"
location: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India ‎
mentor: Michael Catanzaro

= GTranslator =

Marcos Chavarría (chavaone) - “GNOMECAT”
location: A Coruña, Spain
mentor: Seán de Búrca

= eBooks =

Marta Milaković (MainARTA) - “An eBooks application based on Documents”
location: Zagreb, Croatia
mentor: Cosimo Cecchi

= Evince =

Anuj Khare (kcm) - “Improve Annotation and Form Support in Evince”
location: Guwahati, Assam, India
mentor: José Aliste

Giselle Machado (giselle) - “Evince: Post-it Notes-like annotations improvements”
location: Vienna, Austria
mentor: José Aliste

= Evolution =

William Yu (william7777) - “Evolution: Complete instrospection support for EDS”
location: Michigan, USA
mentor: Fabiano Fidêncio

Watson Yuuma Sato (yuuma) - “A PKCS#11 module to fetch X509 certificates for Evolution”
location: Campinas, Brazil
mentor: David Woodhouse

= Banshee =

Marcin Kolny (loganek) - “Banshee: Integrate with AcoustID”
location: Gliwice, Poland
mentor: Andrés G. Aragoneses

Nicholas Little (arfbtwn) - “Banshee: Implement Bluetooth Synchronisation, Revamp MTP Support”
location: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
mentor: Andrés G. Aragoneses

Dmitrii Petukhov (dimart) - “Improve REST API Services integration in Banshee”
location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
mentor: Andrés G. Aragoneses

= F-Spot =

(organization: the Mono Project)
Valentín Barros Puertas (Sanva) - “Finishing the port of F-Spot to use GTK3”
location: Santiago de Compostela, Spain
mentor: Stephen Shaw

= EasyTAG =

Abhinav Jangda (abhijangda) - “MusicBrainz support to EasyTAG”
location: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India ‎
mentor: David King

= Geysigning =

Andrei Macavei (andreimac) - “Geysigning - GNOME ideea for Google Summer of Code 2014”
location: Bucharest, Romania
mentor: Tobias Mueller

= Getting Things GNOME! =

Sagar Ghuge (sagar) - “Recurring tasks support”
location: Pune, Maharashtra, India
mentor: Nimit Shah

(program: OPW)
Sara Guimarães Ribeiro - "Adding calendar support into Getting Things GNOME!"
location: Seattle, WA, USA
mentor: Izidor Matušov

Parth P. Panchal (prth) - “Getting Things Gnome!: Revamp the backends experience”
location: Surat, Gujarat, India ‎
mentor: Nimit Shah

= Pitivi =

Fabián Orccón (cfoch) - “Implement a image-sequence (stop-motion) element in Pitivi.”
location: Lima, Peru
mentor: Alex Băluț

Lubosz Sarnecki (lubosz) - “Improve Video Transformation and Viewer Interaction in Pitivi”
location: Koblenz, Germany
mentors: Mathieu Duponchelle, Thibault Saunier

= Documentation =

(program: OPW)
Rashi Aswani (rashi) - "Gedit, Photos, Games documentation"
location: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
mentor: Sindhu Sundar

= Translation =

(program: OPW)
Maria Mavridou (MarMav) - "Translation and review of GNOME project files in Greek"
location: Thessaloniki, Greece
mentor: Efstathios Iosifidis
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