Re: Agenda for board meeting April 8th

On 2014-04-08 04:57, Ekaterina Gerasimova wrote:
Hi Luis,

On 8 April 2014 09:07, Luis Villa <luis tieguy org> wrote:
Perhaps a naive question, but I would have expected discussion of hiring a
new ED - is that being handled in a separate hiring committee?

The board has discussed it for the last 6 (weekly) meetings, although
it was decided that those minutes should be kept private due to the
timing of Karen's announcement. While it is unprecedented, I think
that most of those minutes should now be made public.

I realize that I didn't make it very clear when I let everyone know, but I purposefully waited until after the 3.12 release before announcing. It's such an awesome release we didn't want my news to distract at all (this decision was made in consultation with our core engagement team).

I have also suggested that we consider delegating to a committee as
the board is not generally in the business of hiring employees, as has
been done before, but it has not been decided how we will proceed.

I think the board could form a committee and it would be a fine way to go. The board does have the ultimate responsibility for choosing a hire and while they should seek all of the expertise they need in making the decision, the people who are elected by the GNOME community are ultimately the ones to choose. :) It may make sense depending on the candidates who step forward to handle the decision differently.


Today's agenda will touch on accessing whether we should hire an
executive director from a financial point of view and what the best
timing would be.


On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 12:44 PM, Andreas Nilsson <lists andreasn se> wrote:

Hello Foundation members!
Next board meeting is April 8th at 16:00 UTC

This is the agenda:
* Travel sponsorship for 2 attendees to go to 15th FISL (867 USD)
* Travel sponsorship for LGM for two attendees.
* Outstanding reimbursements
* Budget
* We still lack a budget for this fiscal year.
* OPW project has grown a lot. This is great! However, we are taking a
greater financial risk handling the money between the organizations and the attendees. It also makes it a bigger work burden and we need to discuss how
to handle this.
* Upcoming events
* GUADEC 2014
* GNOME.Asia
* License grant (trademark) to use the GNOME Foot for
* We were asked to license the use of a modified GNOME Foot logo for, let's vote on it

- Andreas
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