Re[2]: Is there Linux distribution which incl udes always latest gnome 3

Hello Yosef Or Boczko!
Thank you very much for the link!
That is exactly what I need!

/BR, Alexander

Mon, 31 Mar 2014 20:03:15 +0003 от Yosef Or Boczko <yoseforb gnome org>:
I think ArchLinux is the best distro for this.

See for more details here:

Yosef Or Boczko

בתאריך ב', מרץ 31, 2014 בשעה 10:33 PM, Alexander Bubnov
<alexander bubnov bk ru> כתב:
> Hello, guys!
> Do you know if there is a Linux distribution which released together
> with new GNOME 3. I would like to get always new stable GNOME 3 to be
> a cutting edge man. :-)
> Now gnome 3.12 released but I do not know how to get it bundled with
> some official Linux distribution. For example, Ubuntu GNOME will be
> released very soon, in April but it is not going to include 3.12 by
> known reason. Because stability is one of priority for users. And I
> do not want to use PPA. Because using PPA makes Linux distribution
> work a bit unstable. :-)
> I would like to get official consistent Linux distribution with new
> GNOME 3. Like long time Ubuntu went together with GNOME 2 as I
> remember.
> --
> /BR, Alexander

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