Re: Status of reports

Hi Oliver,

I believe there is still interest.  We completed the 2012 Annual
report and it was passed out at GUADEC.  Some folks from the
engagement team and others help put in the work on 2012.  I don't know
if we can pull together something for 4th quarter which is what I
think we have time for given the amount of time we spent on the 2012
annual report.

What do others think?


On Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 2:01 PM, Oliver Propst <oliver propst gmail com> wrote:
What are the status of the annual and quarterly reports that the GNOME
foundation was producing?
Have they been discontinued because of lack of interest/time from
those who was producing them?
If we want to have a 2013 annual report is not about time to start
working on it?
Maybe a wider dissection about the relevance/importance of the reports
are needed.

-mvh Oliver Propst
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