Re: Exceptions to renewals / new memberships processing during elections

Hi! :)

On 29.05.2013 23:44, jose aliste gmail com wrote:
Couldn't we do make memberships in a way that they never expire on
elections time? like, if elections are in may, we don't allow any
membership to expire on may, (we move the expiration date to the first
day after elections or something like that?) Would be that possible,
both from technical way and in a way that does not break any rule?
hm. I see two solutions.

One is to update the bylaws and the places where the current period
scheme is used. It might be messy to implement that new rule in raw SQL
and other languages that are currently used though. Or make it a bigger
overhaul and redesign the current membership table and the software
around it.

The other might simply be to not create or renew memberships in May or June.


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