calling all pants award nominations

As we get ready for GUADEC (don't forget to register if you haven’t
already!) it's time to collect nominations for the celebrated Pants Award.

The criteria for the award is simple. This person:

   * must go above and beyond in his or her contributions to GNOME. This
should be outside (or in addition to) any responsibilities to an
employer for work on GNOME.
   * can’t be a board member (since the board decides who the winner is).
   * should ideally be attending GUADEC to receive the award in person.

The award can be for any work on GNOME – documents, design, translation,
marketing, sysadmin, code, bug triaging… anything! Last year’s winner,
Marina Zhurakhinskaya, won primarily for her amazing work on outreach.

Got someone in mind? Go ahead and email board-list gnome org to let the
board know!


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