New Foundation Member from Peru

Hello all

A few days ago, I received a welcome message to GNOME Foundation as a
new member in response to my application. I'm really happy for this
approval, and I want to keep contributing to GNOME Projects.

My full name is Sergio Infante Montero, I'm a web/mobile software
developer and UX designer from Lima Peru, I used GNOME programs, since
2007, and I do some contributions since 2008:

- Bug Triagging
- Patches
- Bug Report
- Translation of content
- Speechs organization about GNOME
- Participate of summits in Dia GNOME in Chile for 3 years.
- Participate in users mailing list
- Participated in GSOC 2010 with this project using Mallard:

This year I have the personal purpose to contribute and improve the
design  of web sites from GNOME Projects. I think it would be great

Thank you guys for make a great software and projects for the world.

Cheers from Lima

Sergio Infante Montero

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