Bugzilla OUTAGE: Tomorrow, 11:30 - 16:00 GMT+1


as you may remember the Bugzilla's Database got migrated from drawable (our main Mysql node) to combobox (another GNOME machine ideally meant for VMs + NFS) after an hardware issue a few months ago [1].Â

Unfortunately we can't keep the database where it is now anymore, our main NFS node (container) is going out of space [2] and moving mysqld away from combobox is a needed move.

That said, the migration will happen tomorrow from 11:30 to 16:00 GMT+1, the service will be shutdown to prevent data loss.ÂThe amount of time specified above is approximative, the outage can take just a few hours if we won't run in any particular issue. (/me crosses fingers)

Thanks a lot for your patience and, as always, please look for a follow up to this e-mail when the service will be restored.




Debian Developer,
Fedora / EPEL packager,
GNOME Sysadmin,
GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee Chairman

Homepage: http://www.gnome.org/~av

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