Agenda for board meeting December 10th

Hello everyone!
Sorry for sending this out so late, but things have been busy these times before Christmas. The next board meeting will be on this Tuesday, the 10th of December 16:00 UTC.

This is the agenda:
* Status and plan for the security and privacy campaign's money
* Implement a Foundation employee policy for COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment)
 * Still in progress and blocking on budget
* Status of new budget
* Upcoming Hackfests
 * Portland hackfest
 * Documentation hackfest
* Outstanding reimbursements
* Check if we have any outstanding reimbursements and what the status is of those.
* General OPW update
* GNOME Asia Summit update
* GUADEC 2014 update
* Time to update the code of conduct?
 * Our current CoC is not optimal.
 * Needs discussion.
* Quick update on Behnam Esfahbod (volunteering) and Andrea Veri's latest work for the foundation.
* Upcoming Advisory Board

- Andreas

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