Agenda for upcoming September 3rd Board meeting

Hello Foundation Members!
I was supposed to send this out already yesterday, just after the minutes was posted, but a migraine got in the way.

The next board meeting will be Tuesday September 3rd, 2013, 16:00 UTC

This is the agenda:

* Implement a Foundation employee policy for COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) * At the face to face board meeting we discussed having employee salaries increase when inflation increases, as other comparable nonprofits do.
* Adopting a photography policy for GNOME events.
* It was suggested on board-list that we adopt a photography policy for bigger GNOME events.
* Scheduling an IRC Foundation meeting
 * At the Board Q&A the board promised to do a Foundation IRC meeting.
* Last meeting Joanie took a action item to talk to the release team first.
* Collecting funds in Europe update
* Sysadmin update
* possible trademark violation to assess.
 * Another software project is using the name GNOME
 * Karen is in contact with our law firm. Needs an update.
* Montreal Summit update
* Travel Committee, Delegation, Budgets, etc.


Discussed on the mailing list:
* Cease calling the Github mirror "official".
 * +1 from Kat, Joanie, Tobias and Sriram
 * -1 from Emmanuele, Andreas
 * Missing a vote from Marina, since she was away on vacation.
 * Vote passed with 4 against 2 and 1 absent.
* Emmanuele wanted to add to the minutes that he appreciate and applaud the outreach effort of Alberto and Andrea, especially in the face of apathy from a community that wants results without committing resources, and that is ready to criticize anybody who actually puts time and effort into making our code and projects accessible to more people, in the spirit of the license we use and the goals we profess to have. * Others on the board was thankful to the efforts of Alberto and Andrea, but felt the usage of the word Official was not a proper fit for the use. * The board asked Andrea if it would be possible to set up a Gitorious mirror similar to the Github one. The answer is that it is possible if someone writes a hook, communicate with the Gitorious administrators to make sure there is enough space and other tasks that might come up in the process. After that is done, Andrea can enable the hook on


Minutes will be published after the meeting.

- Andreas

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