Agenda for upcoming August 19th Board meeting

Hello Foundation Members!
As promised earlier, I'm posting the upcoming board meeting agenda to foundation-list in addition to board-list.

The next board meeting is this Tuesday the 19th of August at 16:00 UTC

This is the agenda:
* Implement a Foundation employee policy for COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) * At the face to face board meeting we discussed having employee salaries increase when inflation increases, as other comparable nonprofits do.
 * GUADEC 2015 bids
  * Italy announced a couple of hours too late.
* Is the board ok with still allowing the Italian bid? (Note: board members involved in other bids must recuse themselves)
 * Quick GUADEC post-mortem
  * What went well?
  * What do we need to stay on top of for next year?
 * Adopting a photography policy for GNOME events.
* It was suggested on board-list that we adopt a photography policy for bigger GNOME events.
 * Scheduling an IRC Foundation meeting
  * At the Board Q&A the board promised to do a Foundation IRC meeting.
  * Needs an agenda and a date.
 * Github mirror
  * use of the trademark
  * concerns that there is no Free alternative
 * Collecting funds in Europe update
 * Sysadmin update
 * possible trademark violation to assess.
   * Another software project is using the name GNOME
 * Montreal Summit
  * Travel sponsorship
 * Travel Committee, Delegation, Budgets, etc.
  * Reimbursements: can we take on the fees from Paypal payments?

Minutes will be published after the meeting.

- Andreas

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