Re: Announcing GNOME's official GitHub mirror

On Thu, 2013-08-15 at 12:15 +0200, Alberto Ruiz wrote:
2013/8/15 Claudio Saavedra <csaavedra gnome org>:
On Thu, 2013-08-15 at 11:03 +0200, Alberto Ruiz wrote:
Hello everyone,

I've been working with the GitHub guys and Andrea Veri on setting up a
mirror for all GNOME repos in GitHub.

Out of curiosity and given the controversy started by your choice of
github -- what makes this mirror official?

The fact that I wrote the hook and it's now placed in our git
infrastructure makes it official. The word official is meant to be
used as a way to let people know that they can rely on it and that
every push will be sent to the mirror.

Well, it's great you took the time to work on this considering the
purposes you've highlighted. No particular opinion on the choice itself.
However, I think that calling it official it's a bit of a long-shot. I
would expect at least the foundation board to have an opinion on the
matter before any contributor calls "official" something that other
contributors might have a problem with.


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