Re: Og Maciel left the GNOME Foundation Membership Committee

2012/10/26 Dave Neary <dneary gnome org>:
> Hi Andrea,

Hey Dave!

> You forgot the most important bit! You get to welcome new members into the
> foundation :-)

aha yeah, that's one of my personal duties though :-)

> What's involved in processing applications? Preumably poking references to
> confirm that they vouch for new members, ensuring expiring accounts are
> reminded of the need to review, that kind of thing?

Yeah, mostly:

1. Verify applicant's listed contributions (i.e code, translations,
bug triaging etc.) and check if they are non-trivial enough to grant
2. Contact the provided vouchers and hear their opinion
3. If unsure about granting someone membership or not, ask for another
ack from any other Committee member
4. Process renewals

Nothing too difficult and there's plenty of documents handy on the wiki already.

> Have you thought of inviting someone nice & friendly to join directly?

I didn't have anyone in mind to be honest but I'm happy to see a few
long time members are throwing their hat in. The Committee does not
have a fixed number and since many of us are really busy nowadays I
feel we can welcome two new members. We have a lot of outstanding
tickets and a few more hands would be really helpful!



Debian Developer,
Fedora / EPEL packager,
GNOME Sysadmin,
GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee Chairman


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