Re: A new Membership status: Emeritus

2012/5/29 Andrea Veri <av gnome org>:
> The GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee is proud to
> announce a new Membership status: Emeritus.
>  Introduction
> The MembershipCommittee may receive Membership renewal applications
> from Foundation members that provided a good amount of valuable and
> high quality contributions in the past but aren't able to provide any
> reference about recent contributions.
> The requirements to gain membership (or renew it) are the following:
> "Members of the Foundation are required to have made a valuable,
> recent and non-trivial contribution to the project, and should be
> planning to actively contribute in the future".
> Some past contributors or long time Foundation members could not have
> their membership renewed as they could not provide the needed
> reference to recent contributions. For this reason, the
> MembershipCommittee created an Emeritus Rank for all the past members
> that are not active any more but still want to be associated with the
> GNOME Foundation.
> Accordingly, you can qualify for the Emeritus Member rank if:
> 1. you have been a Foundation Member in the past and made a
>   substantial contribution over a long period of time.
> 2. you lost or are about to lose your Foundation membership by not
>   renewing it in time.
> 3. you are still interested in being part of the GNOME community.
> 4. your contributions are not recent enough to apply for the full
>   membership.
>  Becoming an Emeritus Member
> If you met all the above criteria, please fill in your Membership
> Application at [1] and the MembershipCommittee will process your
> application as soon as possible.
>  Becoming a Full Member again
> If an Emeritus Member has started contributing again, they will be
> able to apply for Full Membership again. The procedure is simple: they
> need to e-mail <membership-committee gnome org> along with their
> references (git Commits, Bugzilla, RPM/DEB packaging, translations,
> marketing, etc.) and declare the fact that they are interested in
> becoming Full Members again.
>  Benefits
> Emeritus members do not have all the benefits that are available to
> the Full Members, but they will able to keep:
> 1. their existing mail alias.
> 2. their existing blog hosted at
> 3. their existing space.
> Aggregation on Planet GNOME will be left up to the Planet Editors discretion,
> and Travel Subsidy will be handled by the Travel Committee.
> Emeritus members won't be able to:
> 1. vote on Board's Elections and Referenda.
> 2. propose themselves as a candidate for the Board of Directors
>   elections.
> 3. request a new mail alias
> 4. request a new blog hosted at
> 5. request a new web space at
> For any question, please mail us at <membership-committee gnome org>.
> cheers,
> Andrea,
> on behalf of the GNOME Foundation Membership Committee
> [1]

It was pointed out to me by Jared Jennings that the Membership page
nor the acceptance mail actually contains instructions on how to
redeem benefits such as the GNOME hosted blog and storage, set up
aggregation for pgo nor how to set up the personalized
redirection mail.

Could that please be looked at?

- David

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