Re: A question for the candidates

On 05/25/2012 09:21 AM, Allan Day wrote:

Sometimes it can feel like the Board of Directors is a bit divorced
from the rest of the GNOME project. Is this a problem, in your view?
If it is, what do you think can be done about it?

Having been off the board for a year, I can definitely say it sometimes looks like the board is doing nothing in the community, although it's actually does a lot, but one does not always notice. All the hackfests, conferences and fundraising have all at some point gone through the board. It's like a silent force of volunteers. I agree that we need to make the rest of the foundation be more active than just once a year when voting (apart from the volunteers not on the board that are involved with conferences, hackfests and fundraising), but apart from keeping up the foundation meetings on IRC (that very few people attend), I have few ideas on how to achieve that. On a related note, I'm very happy that two important pieces of whip and carrot have been introduced in order to make as many GNOME contributors as possible to become foundation members. The travel policy and the Planet GNOME aggregation. I think we can come up with more of these.
- Andreas

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