Travel assistance applications to attend to GUADEC

Dear hackers,

As you may know, the GNOME Foundation provides travel sponsorships to
individuals who want to attend GUADEC and need financial assistance.

We are happy to announce the Travel Committee is ready to receive
applications for sponsorships to attend to GUADEC 2012.  This year,
GUADEC is being held in the Faculty of Computer Science at the
University of A Coruña, in the beautiful city of A Coruña (Spain), from
Thursday 26th July until Wednesday 1st August.

The instructions are detailed at
Please read them carefully.

Deadline: May 16, 2012, 23:59 UTC.  You can start sending your
applications now!

Some additional comments:
      * Any information you send to the Travel Committee will be
      * Asking for sponsorship *does not* guarantee you will get
      * A good application with good information will be processed
      * If you need help with accommodation, the Travel Committee will
        handle it directly with the organization.  You should state that
        you need accommodation, and leave the cost blank.
      * Always choose the most economical option whenever possible.
        People who need travel sponsorship, should look for the best
        price (e.g. through a service like  If the Travel
        Committee finds a cheaper price, that will be the price
        considered during the   evaluation.
      * If you are applying to a Google Summer of Code program (as
        student or mentor) you should mention it in your application.
      * GSoC students usually get a percentage of their GUADEC expenses
      * If you submitted an abstract to be presented at GUADEC, you
        should mention it in your application.  Preference will be given
        to people giving presentations at GUADEC.
      * The travel committee will cross check with the GUADEC paper
        committee the talks that have been accepted, so as long as you
        let us know you submitted one, there is no need to follow up.
      * The Travel committee should reply back about receiving your
        application within 2-3 days. After that we would accumulate all
        the sponsorship requests and process them together. So please do
        not panic if we take some time to reply on the status.
        Affirmative/Negative you would surely get a response.
      * If you need an invitation letter, you must clearly state your
        contributions and name at least two fellow hackers that can
        directly support your requirement.
      * No personal emails. Please keep travel-committee Cc'ed on all
        your replies.

You can find us in the #travel channel at

Kind regards,

Germán Póo-Caamaño

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