GNOME Summit in Boston


TL;DR: Summit in Cambridge MA this year, Montreal the next?

I'd like to propose having the GNOME Summit in Cambridge, MA (MIT) this
year.  We have a venue already available as I understand it (thanks to
Walter Bender).

The rationale for this is that there are a different set of
advantages/disadvantages to Cambridge versus e.g. Montreal.  In
particular, Red Hat has a fairly high percentage of engineering in
Westford, and the GNOME Summit has historically been a good alternative
for those people who can't (due to cost/time) attend GUADEC.

I'd be willing to put some work into organizing, but having the venue
already set helps significantly.

Now as for future summits, I think it may make sense to rotate, because
Montreal is "close enough" to get at least some of the Red Hat/Cambridge
people to attend, and does allow easier access for people having trouble
with the United States visa process for example (as I understand it).


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