Suggestions for format of AGM next year

Hi all,

I thought a bit about the AGM we had a few days ago, and I'd like to
suggest we find a different format for next year.

Here's a list of issues with the current format, from what I saw this

 - it was a bit too long. A small break might have helped.

 - the discussion about changing the release team had to be cut, because
   it would have used too much time needed for the other reports.
   However, I think this is a discussion a lot of people cared about and
   that could have been used more time. Especially since we had everyone
   in a room, which helps communication. Hopefully, the GNOME OS BoF was
   useful for this (I missed it, so don't know).

 - I didn't feel there was a lot said about the Foundation itself. Sure,
   there were a few slides at the end, but that was not that much
   detailed, and because of the short remaining time, it went really

 - obviously, we should have had time for questions. Questions from the
   members, but also from the board to members (to bootstrap discussion
   on some topics).

 - it might be a good idea to have some kind of document sent before the
   AGM to foundation-list or the members, so we have more details about
   what's going to be discussed. This could be just the slides, or
   something different. Having some time to ponder about the content is
   useful, and that could lead to more questions or some improved

Note that I'm not blaming the board or anyone. I could as well blame
myself as a past board member or as someone who worked on the schedule
for this GUADEC :-)

I know the KDE eV is using a full day for their AGM at Akademy. This
leaves a lot of time for discussion. That being said, I'm not sure
that'd work well for us: would we be happy to dedicate a full day to
this? I'm not so sure, as the GUADEC program is already full.

Another approach would be to split the team reports and the AGM in two
different slots. Easy to do and not that much impact. Probably something
we could try next year?



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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