Re: AGM Meeting: Proposal (on p.g.o)


Em Sat, 2012-07-28 às 12:05 +0200, Johannes Schmid escreveu:
> Hi all!
> You all know that the Foundation (Board) set policies on
> (only foundation members, only real persons, etc.)
> which is in general fine while the editors still have the final word in
> inclusion.
> However, could we vote on the following during AGM meeting (which does
> not impact the editors final word...):
> "The Foundation adds two (and only these two) exceptions to the p.g.o
> policies:
>  * commit-digest
>  * gnome-memes"

As the people on the list that might not have been present at the AGM
didn't get an update. We did not vote on this particular item, but chose
to discuss it on the mailing-list instead.

I was of the opinion that Alberto (the p.g.o editor) should be working
with the marketing team to make sure that blogs relevant to following
the development of GNOME get added to p.g.o. That would mean yes to
commit-digest and no to gnome-memes.


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