Re: Minutes of the Board Meeting - June 29, 2012


>    * Hackfests
> [...]
>      * Not so many hackfests planned for 2012.

>  * Germán - Will continue the discussion with Frédéric about the
> Gitorious instance on Touched based with Frédéric on Sep
> 30, we will elaborate more on his proposal once he has more time.

Actually we discussed this a little bit with Olav at FOSDEM this year,
unfortunately I didn't take notes at the time and it's all quite far
already :/ the general idea was that we probably didn't want gitorious
but enhancements to mango (the software that handles accounts on GNOME

This makes me think an infrastructure hackfest may be a good idea, if
enough people are interested, as there are several long standing tasks
that would benefit from a small push (like connecting damned lies to
git (bug 599066), maybe some bugzilla work, changes to mango, setting
up one (or more) buildbot slaves, etc.).


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