The GNOME Foundation has a new home

As a follow-up of [1]:

It's an honour for me to announce that the Foundation's website has 
been completely migrated to We've been working on this for 
a few months now, but the result is simply awesome.

That said, I would like to thank Vinicius DePizzol (vdepizzol) for all 
his work and contributions to make this happen. His devotion and 
willingness to contribute to the GNOME Foundation are amazing and 
working with him during all these months has been a pleasure for me, 
he's a superb contributor and most of all a great guy. 

The new Foundation's website can be reached at the following link:

while the new voting area is now available at:

Please report any broken link or error to <membership-committee gnome org>
or by opening a bugzilla ticket against the website product. [2]



P.S redirects are working properly, so 
will now take to the brand new website.

P.P.S the quarterly reports have been migrated already, we just miss a 
little template to put them under, due to be ready really soon.


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