Re: Suggestions for format of AGM next year


Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> wrote:
> I thought a bit about the AGM we had a few days ago, and I'd like to
> suggest we find a different format for next year.
> Here's a list of issues with the current format, from what I saw this
> year:
>  - it was a bit too long. A small break might have helped.
>  - the discussion about changing the release team had to be cut, because
>    it would have used too much time needed for the other reports.
>    However, I think this is a discussion a lot of people cared about and
>    that could have been used more time. Especially since we had everyone
>    in a room, which helps communication. Hopefully, the GNOME OS BoF was
>    useful for this (I missed it, so don't know).
>  - I didn't feel there was a lot said about the Foundation itself. Sure,
>    there were a few slides at the end, but that was not that much
>    detailed, and because of the short remaining time, it went really
>    fast.
>  - obviously, we should have had time for questions. Questions from the
>    members, but also from the board to members (to bootstrap discussion
>    on some topics).
>  - it might be a good idea to have some kind of document sent before the
>    AGM to foundation-list or the members, so we have more details about
>    what's going to be discussed. This could be just the slides, or
>    something different. Having some time to ponder about the content is
>    useful, and that could lead to more questions or some improved
>    discussion.
> Another approach would be to split the team reports and the AGM in two
> different slots. Easy to do and not that much impact. Probably something
> we could try next year?

I agree that the AGM was a bit constrained this year, and these all
seem like good suggestions. Perhaps it would be good to split the
GUADEC closing out into a separate session too (so we have 1. team
reports 2. AGM and 3. GUADEC closing)?

An open call for questions or discussion topics can often be
inhibiting; I'm sure that we would have a livelier debate if we had a
set of potential discussion topics prepared in advance. The Board
could organise this depending on current hot topics. We could also
pull recent discussion subjects from the Foundation list.

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