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I was recently accepted in the GNOME Foundation and this is my
introduction letter.

I studied SW Engineering at the University of Coruña from 2000 to
2006, at the very same faculty that will host the GUADEC this year. I
carried out my final year project as an Erasmus student at the
University of Stuttgart, working on improvements to a BPEL engine
built on J2EE. After that, I stayed in Germany for another 7 months as
an intern at IBM Deutschland, writing and managing web sites.

I joined Igalia in 2007. Joining a company with a flat structure and
focused on innovating on Free SW was too good an offer to miss :-)

My first assignment was on the ringschart widget for Baobab, the GNOME
disk usage visualizer. Most of my work since then has been on mobile:
the email system, application manager and input methods for Maemo, and
the (Qt-based) MeeGoTouch widget library for MeeGo.

In 2009–2010, I got a MSc. in Human-Centred Interactive Technologies
(with distinction) at the University of York, UK. I have started to
collaborate in the design of GNOME during the past months, adding
content on At this moment, I am collaborating
with colleagues at Igalia on accessibility and web browsing on GNOME.

You are welcome to have a look at my blog here:

And some of my sketches here:

I hope to meet many of you at my home town for this year's GUADEC!


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