Next board elections and candidacies

I am *not* running for the next board elections; maybe you should.

Why I am saying this? Because if I was one of your candidates in any of
the previous elections, I think it is good you know in advance that I am
not running.

I encourage you to run for the next board elections if you have not
thought in that already.  In particular, if you would like to see
something fixed or improved (as it was my case when I ran the first time
I became elected).

You should be aware that as in patches, your ideas might be well
received and approved, or they might need some extra work or they could
be rejected (the decisions are taken by 7 directors).  However, the
discussions help to bring food for thoughts and awareness.

Do not be afraid if you think you are not 'popular', the board of
directors is not a popularity contest (I was elected even though I am
low profile).

If you have any question, plan or idea you would like to discuss before
sending your candidacy, do not hesitate to bring them here or directly
to me (or the current/former board member you feel more comfortable to
talk with).  As you, I want the best for our project.


Germán Póo-Caamaño

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