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Hi Mike:

2011/10/27 Michael Hill <mdhillca gmail com>:
> My name is Mike Hill, and I'm a new Foundation member. I recently
> started contributing to the documentation effort with User Docs and
> System Monitor Docs.
> I began using Debian in late 1996. In 1998 I moved from a position as
> a Designer/Drafter at the engineering company where I'm still
> employed, to Network Administrator with  50-100 users. Outside of work
> I was involved with the SGI Linux port in a build/test capacity, by
> virtue of having an Indy as a home computer.
> In 1999 I discovered GNOME and Ottawa Linux Symposium through the SGI
> Linux list, and Neal Stephenson through a Cryptonomicon review on
> Slashdot. At work I was running Debian firewalls.
> In 2003 I replaced a NetWare/Exchange Server network with
> Samba/Openexchange running on SLES. I was downloading and building
> Evolution and Epiphany on my administrator desktop machine.
> In late 2004 I started running Ubuntu, and no longer had to install
> GNOME explicitly. The following year the company was acquired by a
> much larger one; I became IT manager, but my SLES server was replaced
> by a number of Windows ones. GNOME continued running in the background
> without my attention, until...
> In February 2010, Linux Magazine columnist and local SF writer Marcel
> Gagne blogged about GNOME Shell. I tried it and was enthralled. I
> periodically attempted to get it running on Ubuntu, and sometimes
> succeeded.
> In March of this year, Jim Campbell posted to the Toronto LUG list
> that the docs team was coming to town. I jumped at the opportunity to
> get involved, and went out to meet Shaun and the crew. I needed a
> dependably-running GNOME 3 and was armed with the Live DVD and my
> Ubuntu laptop. Tiffany showed me that GNOME Shell needed to be killed
> in order for it to truly live on Ubuntu, and Phil taught me how to
> install git with zypper on openSUSE. I switched to openSUSE.
> (Periodically I attempt to get GNOME 3 running on Debian.)
> I'm indebted to the Foundation for sponsorships to this year's
> Summits. I've posted further, briefer thoughts about these on my blog,
> below (not on Planet GNOME yet). I'm delighted to be a Foundation
> member.
> Mike
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