New Foundation Members


The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee is proud to announce our
newly approved Foundation Members. Please welcome and thank them
for their great and valuable contributions over the GNOME Foundation.

They are: *

* Stéphane Maniaci (two Google Summer of Code within GNOME, little 
  contributions to the GNOME-Shell's and PiTiVi's modules)           
* Maciej Piechotka (libgee's library maintainer, several bug reports 
  and bug triaging work)           
* Antoine Jacoutot (Porting and packaging GNOME for the OpenBSD 
* Michael Hill (GNOME Documentation, organized the Toronto GNOME 
  3.2's Release party)
* Jim Campbell (GNOME Documentation Team)
* David Nielsen (Banshee, 2011 GNOME+Mono Hackfest)
* Karen Sandler (Legal work and advices for the GNOME Foundation 
  through the SFLC, GNOME's Executive Director)
* Nilamdyuti Goswami (Assamese's language translations for
  GNOME 3.0 and 3.2)             
* Zhang Weiwu (Core member of the Beijing GNOME Users Group, 
  GNOME Advocate and Ambassador)             
* Patricia Santana Cruz (Cheese, Desktop Summit 2011, Bug reporting 
  and triaging)
* Tong Hui (Beijing GNOME Users Group, GNOME-related talks and event 
  organizator in Beijing)             

* Syntax is Name Surname (area of involvement)

For any further question you may have, feel free to mail us at
membership-committee@gnome org. (or me directly)

Andrea Veri,
on behalf of the GNOME Membership Committee

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