Re: Question to candidates: on-line services

Hi Gil,

2011/5/27 Gil Forcada <gforcada gnome org>:

> As a member of a the future board will you look for ways to promote and
> look for resources to offer these free software cloud services? Maybe
> part of a funding campaign (be a Friend of GNOME and have a Tomboy
> on-line account for free).

Cloud computing actually represents the future of innovation, and
having a full and
well integrated cloud service available (for free) to use for every
single user is something
I would really love to see happening within GNOME.

While I totally support your idea, I also think that finding the
needed resources and money
to deploy our service will be really hard especially during the
current economic crisis. (I would
prefer seeing those money being spent for hackfests, GNOME events and
release parties to
promote and improve GNOME at this time)

But never say never, if the GNOME Foundation will ever find a big
company willing to sponsor
this service, I will be more than happy to propose it to other Board's
members and vote for it
to make it happen.

Thanks for the very nice question, you definitely touched a topic I
particularly care of.



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