Re: Fwd: Question for the canditates

I'd like to ask two questions of all the candidates please:

1) As GNOME has matured the number of officially supported language
bindings has decreased. The quality and availability of various
language communities own bindings has varied wildly to say the least.
How would you work to improve this situation?

If this is an issue, The GNOME Foundation could work to raise awareness
and to encourage more people to get involved.  Organizing a hackfest, as
others have highlighted, can be an effective way to make progress in a
specific area.  The Python binding community has been organizing regular

With GNOME 3 recently out the door, there are numerous areas where
attention is needed (accessibility, touch-screen, HIG, etc.).  If there
are specific language binding problems that need to be addressed, we
should discuss and prioritize them.

2) What are your own feelings on supporting fairly new languages and
standards like Go and Perl 6?

It is not clear to me exactly what you mean by support.  The GNOME
Foundation does not provide the same kind of support that distros may
provide, for example.  If there is a serious interest in better
supporting particular languages, we would need to discuss this on
a case-by-case basis, I should think.  For example, a language could
only be supported if there were enough people interested to do the work


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