Candidacy: Diego Escalante Urrelo

With a more experienced point of view, a record of stuff done, and a
new background in communication, I'd like to join the Board again to

About me:
- I'm Diego Escalante Urrelo, contributor since 2007, living in Lima,
Perú (UTC-5).
- My main involvement has been hacking on Epiphany, but I've also sent
patches to few other modules, helped in the accounts team, busquad.
- I was a Board Director from December 2008 to July 2010
- Currently I work for Igalia as an intern, hacking on Epiphany
- I've attended every GUADEC since 2007, DíaGNOME in Chile since 2008
and GUADEC Hispana since 2009
- I'm on the third year of Social Communication at university
- I blog at (en) and (es).

Things I did while in the Board, in the past:
- Bootstraped the Travel Committee in 2009.
- Wrote the New Board Director HowTo in 2009, a guide to help new
Board members to be productive and participative as soon as possible.
- Defined and wrote the New Hackfest request process in 2010.
- Worked with Marina to get the Women Outreach Program re-started in 2010.
- Started an internal-review process to improve the performance of the
Board in 2010. It was internal to allow directors to express
themselves openly and provide accurate feedback, which not necessarily
would be understood publicly because of the lack of context.

Things I'd like to work on for this term:
- Enhance our fund-raising: create campaigns for Friends of GNOME with
concrete goals, that is, a reason to raise funds, for example new
server(s) to improve our hosting infrastructure.

- I have a good insight of how the Board and several teams work, so
I'd like to help facilitate communication: raising issues, talking
with the right people.  I have seen several issues where the problem
has been miscommunication rather than anything else, and sometimes a
facilitator with good relationship with all parties can help to get a
better understanding of the different parties involved. I think I can
play that role very well because of my understanding of our community
as well as my social skills.

- I'd like to continue with the internal-review process from 2010, to
make sure Directors always have feedback from the team about their
performance. From my side, I'll do my best to give constant feedback
about the progress of my own work. I'll try to be as responsive as
possible, to answer the questions arised, discuss promptly the issues
that need attention, and pushing other directors to do the same.

- Move the Travel Committee to the next level: enhance the process
with a proper system for requests and managing reimbursements. Make it
faster and tidier.

- Given my "non-standard" major I believe I can contribute a different
point of view to discussions.

- Last but not least, using my previous experience I believe I can be
a productive Board member from day 1.

Thanks for reading!


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