Candidacy: Rodrigo Moya

Name: Rodrigo Moya
Email: rodrigo gnome org
Nick: rodrigo
Affiliation: Canonical

I joined the GNOME project in 1998 and have since then worked on several
projects (Evolution, GNOME-DB, Control Center, gnome-settings-daemon and
others) both on my free time and while working for some GNOME-related
companies (Ximian, Novell and Canonical now).

The main reason for my candidacy is the relationship between GNOME and
companies (specifically my current employer), which I would like to
improve, trying to get both sides of the problem fixed so that a healthy
and cooperative relationship can be built to make GNOME rock more than
what it's been rocking in all these years.

Also, based on recent discussions, I would like to help define the
message we give to 3rd parties about what GNOME is, so there is no
confusion as to what those 3rd parties should expect from GNOME.

Apart from that, I would like to help in spreading more the GNOME love,
which I used to do a lot some years ago, when I was one of the most
active persons in the GNOME Hispano group, but now with a more
international scope. That is, I would like to help local groups get more
people to become contributors to GNOME in whatever ways the Foundation
can use to make that happen.

As for my experience in this kind of role, it's not that much, but I've
been part of the GNOME Hispano board since its creation, in 2003/2004,
where, even though the big work there has always been done by other
people (like Jose Angel Díaz and Chema Casanova), I've learnt a lot of
things that might be helpful to my position in the Foundation Board if I
get elected.

If you are still wondering whether I would be a good fit for the board,
just wanted to say that my 1st task if I get elected will be to
increment everyone's salary :-) 

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