Re: desktopsummit registration forces gnome users to have a kde identity

What a nice answer... The problem is not about growing up but about preserving the GNOME identity.

I would appreciate if the desktop summit organizing committee could consider the request from the GNOME foundation members, and take this seriously.

On 03/10/2011 02:52 PM, Kenny Duffus wrote:
On Thursday 10 March 2011 08:04:10 Frederic Muller wrote:
Hi again,

I would also report that as a bug, as it was raised yesterday during the
gnome foundation meeting. Forcing GNOME users to register at is something desired for a joint conference.

it is just an LDAP server. grow up

Maybe using the drupal built-in account management seems a more fair way
to handle the issue.

the sysadmins decided to use this for increased security and reduced

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