Re: GNOME Foundation Membership - Accepted

On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 01:27:12PM +0000, GNOME Foundation Membership Committee wrote:

> We are pleased to inform you that you are now part of the GNOME
> Foundation Membership. [...] It's not mandatory but usually a nice
> thing to do if you could send an introduction to the foundation-list
> mailing list to introduce yourself and your work to the other
> Foundation members and GNOME contributors.

So here it goes:

My name is Alberto and I'm from Galicia (Northwestern Spain).

I've been interested in computers since my early teens. At university
I discovered GNU/Linux, and quickly became passionate about
it. Immediately after finishing my studies I co-founded Igalia with
some friends, with free software as one of the core ideas.

Initially I was more of a sysadmin but I've been working as a
developer for quite a few years already. Apart from some patches to
GNOME here and there, most of my work in the past years has been
around Maemo/MeeGo, where among other things I was developing and
co-maintaining Hildon/GTK.

Other work related to GNOME includes the development of a
client (Vagalume) and the maintenance of some GNOME-based packages for

I've also been involved in some training sessions (helping people to
get to know and start developing with the platform) and hackfests
(most recently in the 2010 GTK+ Hackfest).

And that's all I think, I'm happy to be in the team and see you all at
the Desktop Summit!


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