Re: GNOME Foundation budget (Oct 2010-June 2011)

On 08/04/2011 09:51 AM, Germán Póo-Caamaño wrote:
> This has been since November 26, 2004. GuideStar is the service we use
> for this purpose. It would be more constructive if you read the
> information properly to avoid arriving to misleading conclusions and
> spreading FUD.

I guess I was hit by the 'don't scroll down syndrome on a web page'.
Pointing me to that reference would then have been a nice answer to my
query (note that only 2009 is available on guidestar).

> And while you are promoting transparency, which I agree, it would be
> nice to have a finance report of GNOME.Asia.

We do have such documents. I think Barath provided the latest update to
the GNOME board with all the receipts as this year Novell helped us
advancing the money locally. So the GNOME board does have all the
relevant information (I don't, but I have a rough idea or our income,
spending and how much profit we made). I think Pockey also provided a
breakdown report to the board as well.

All the sponsors invoices were made by Rosana and funds transferred
directly to the GNOME foundation. I even offered to help following up
with unpaid invoices at the last report.

So what exactly do you need?


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