Re: Meeting Minutes Published - March 29th, 2011


> 1. Ryan is not representative of all companies out there offering
> services around the GTK+ stack and it is a conflict of interest to
> involve just him (what of Collabora, Openismus, Igalia, Lanedo and
> perhaps even others)?

As I brought this up:

* I didn't discuss this with Ryan IIRC, just with Shaun and Germán.
* My intention was to give all these companies that support GNOME in some
or the other way a chance to present them (or at least have their name in
the list). As mentioned in my mail to the board, I personally don't care
how the board handles the "support" term but it would be good to have some
formal way of telling people what they need to do to appear on such a
* I don't think the board/Ryan/Andreas want to priviliges someone/some
company here but it seems that this action item tives a wrong impression.
* I am not affiliated with any of those companies and even if I used to
work for Openismus in the past, I didn't discuss this with anybody apart
from the people at the hackfest mentioned above.

For what it's worth I still thing this would be a win-win situation for


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