Re: Meeting Minutes Published - August 19, 2010


On 09/ 3/10 03:48 AM, Dave Neary wrote:

Brian Cameron wrote:
     * GNOME Trademarks
           o TM can claim without formal registration
           o Do we want a (R) registered trademark on the correct GNOME
             foot / logo?
           o GNOME foot (old) has a registered trademark
           o French website
                 + ACTION: Bastien to send the French website a
                   follow-up email about GNOME Trademarks

Luis worked on "cleaning up" GNOME's trademark story around 2006-07 - it
would be worthwhile asking him the current situation, since he is the
one who took charge of the issue back then. As far as I know, we
registered the GNOME foot + wordmark in the US through Wilson Sonsini.

I have been working with James Vasile and Luis on this.  We have, for
example, been working to update the forms to address some of the
issues that have been raised over the years.  We also wrote a FAQ.
Eventually I'd like to see these migrate to the fdo website, but we
are still discussing some points with James.

     * Jorge - Check records of organizations with existing contracts to
       use the GNOME trademark. Taken over from Vincent. Look at the
       archives in 2005 and try to determine which companies can use the
       GNOME trademark. Know what kind of contracts we had with them.

I can help fill in some gaps here - there's Killermundi, Hackerthreads,
a jewellery creator (although I think his license has lapsed now).

I hadn't been aware of Killermundi.  Do you have a contact person?
I am talking with the people from Hackerthreads and know what's going
on with that.

The jewelry creator never got off the ground.  We prepared the form,
but they seemed to lose interest at the last minute and never signed

While I was on the board, I worked with James Vasile on a trademark
license contract, which should be part of the material the board has,
for that jeweller, and James tried to make something modular that could
be reused. That contract has no automatic renewal clause, and ran for an
X year term (X=2 is set in a prefix). I have the last revision we came
up with (Stormy should have it too, and it's in board-list archives).
Let me know if you want me to send it on.

I think the forms on the website I show above are the latest iterations
of the forms intended to be "modular".


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