Re: Meeting Minutes Published - August 19, 2010

On 09/03/10 04:48, Dave Neary wrote:
> While I was on the board, I worked with James Vasile on a trademark
> license contract, which should be part of the material the board has,
> for that jeweller, and James tried to make something modular that could
> be reused. That contract has no automatic renewal clause, and ran for an
> X year term (X=2 is set in a prefix). I have the last revision we came
> up with (Stormy should have it too, and it's in board-list archives).
> Let me know if you want me to send it on.

When I was last on board I had started gathering such documents here:

But can't find them anymore.  Either someone removed that page or I'm not
allowed to see it (which I assumed as a previous board member I would be).


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