New GNOME licensing forms - please help

Foundation Members:

I have been working with James Vasile and Luis Villa over the past year
to update the GNOME Brand licensing forms for merchants and user's
groups.  We just finished what I think is the last round of review and
have addressed all the concerns raised by both James and Luis.

I do need some help.  The updated User's Group form is currently a
web-form, but James recommends that we should really change this to a
PDF document and require a signature like we have in the Merchant
form.  I do not know how to do this, so if there is someone out there
who can create PDF files from HTML, I would appreciate some help.  We
have some users groups that would like to sign the new form, so it
would be good if this could be done soon.

The new forms are much more clear, address issues that were raised
about the old forms, provide better protections, and give Users Groups
more freedoms that we think GNOME User's Groups should have.  For
example, the old form disallowed User's Groups from selling GNOME branded merchandise to support group activities, but the new form allows
this with reasonable restrictions.

I would appreciate any review or comments from the wider GNOME
Foundation community.  Direct links to the forms can be found in the
footnote[1], and are also available here with some additional

I also created a FAQ and User Group Guidelines, which are needed for
these forms. It would be good to get any review comments about these as well

Assuming this is agreeable to the Foundation, I plan to move the new
forms to the website once the User's
Group form is converted to PDF.



[1] Updated Forms:

Latest Merchant Form:

Latest User Group Form:

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