Re: Candidacy: Seif Lotfy

Hello Seif,

Reading your motivation I think I understand what you mean, but would
like to know for sure. As such, I'd appreciate if you could expand some
more on your motivation. Further, though I think I understand, I'm
purposely asking very open ended questions (to avoid suggestive ones).

My goal is not to have a discussion on this with you or others, purely
to better understand your motivation.

On Tue, May 25, 2010 at 10:59:35AM +0200, Seif Lotfy wrote:
> Motivation:
>  My reasons for running for GNOME board are as follows:

>  • Encourage more cooperation on design between RH and Canonical.

What do you mean concretely (design of what)? Why RH and Canonical

>  • Avoid fragmentation by helping to build consensus around a unified
> vision for GNOME's future to prevent a GNOME divergence into 2.30 -and
> GNOME 3 base.

What do you think is lacking now?

>  • Bring up and fix issues with GNOME that are being ignored or
>     shunned.

Can you list these?

>  • Work on letting GNOME shell be lead by the community.

Can you expand on what you want changed?

>  • I stand for innovation in GNOME.

What is lacking now, and what do want to do when being part of the

> Don't hesitate to ask me questions when the lines are open.



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