Candidacy: Bastien Nocera

Good evening voters,

Full name: Bastien Nocera
E-mail: hadess hadess net
Corporate affiliation: Red Hat UK Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Red
Hat Inc.

With the administrivia done, let me introduce myself.

I'm a 31 year-old French Anglophile, who has been involved in GNOME for
more than 10 years, first as an application developer, then as a core
hacker (though I did not hack on gnome-core[1] at the time).

What I'd like to achieve
- (Re-)defining GNOME:
The Foundation charter defines GNOME as a loose collection of
independent project, though we need to stop considering it as such if
GNOME is to take an important role in the future of computing, be it on
the desktop, or in devices, where it would provide the infrastructure.

- Be a leader in web integration:
In a lot of cases, the GNOME Foundation can be a strong partner in
helping applications achieve greater web integration by entering in
talks with content providers that could be beneficial to both parties.
For example, I've already been in contact with, the UK Met
Office, discogs, and the BBC on behalf of a project, or as a private
Furthermore, this could potentially expand the Foundation's sources of

- Revive GNOME-Love:
Because the love is gone, and it's currently too hard to get
jump-started into GNOME, either through development, marketing,
translation, etc. It should be easier to join GNOME and work upstream,
than to join at the "distribution" or "OS" level. Currently, it isn't.



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