New foundation member introduction - This time: Nils-Christoph Fiedler, Low German translator

Hi there!

According to the discussion on new foundation members introduction in
( & follow-ups) and despite I agree with Vincent Untz's last statement on this issue, I would kindly introduce myself to those who are interested in :-)
My name is Nils-Christoph Fiedler and I am very proud to became a
foundation member a few days ago. I translate GNOME (and other software
on Launchpad & translationproject) into Low German and also coordinate
some of those teams since summer 2009.
Low German is spoken by about 10.000.000 people worldwide and for a few
years now accepted as an official minority's language by the European
Charta and the Federal Republic of Germany.
My ambition in starting to translate GNOME into Low German was and is,
to spread the language and also make GNOME competitive with KDE within
the struggle for suitable desktops to teach young pupils from northern
Germany the Low German language. 
You can find more information about me and the project here:

If there is any foundation member out there, that also speaks Low German
and is interested in joining the translations, he or she is most

Kind regards from Germany,

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