Re: Candidacy: Seif Lotfy

On Tue, 2010-06-01 at 15:39 +0200, Seif Lotfy wrote:

>         >  • Encourage more cooperation on design between RH and
>         Canonical.
>         What do you mean concretely (design of what)? Why RH and
>         Canonical
>         specifically?
>  I left out Intel, Nokia, Novell and others because their main focus
> now is on Meego which on a design level I do not consider a GNOME
> project.
I think that cooperation must be improved at all levels, not only at

> Currently RH and Canonical both have started their own design & user
> experience to improve the usability of GNOME. Both however seem to be
> heading to the same goal but with different designs that could on a
> shallow level end up leaving GNOME in an diverging state (Shell vs
> Unity). Both should start cooperating on the design level. One could
> start off with a design board combining  selected and competent
> representatives from community and companies, whose first objective is
> to rewrite the HIG. 

gnome-shell is working upstream, _is_ a GNOME project, and Unity isn't.
Moreover, I wasn't realised of their existence since very lately, and
GNOME shell is been working from about a year. Sincerely, I have no idea
of their motivation for this "fork".

Reading a post from Tomeu Vizoso [1] I noticed that Ubuntu people
doesn't have too much idea of GNOME GObject introspection. This sounds
strange to me. Maybe they should have done better for been informed of
this, but I'm sure we can do better too. What I want to mean is that we
can problem like this at all levels, not only at design level. 

It seems that GNOME needs to improve the communication channels with
downstreams (Red Hat, Canonical, Intel, Nokia, Novell, etc). We need
active actions for this, it seems that transparency on GNOME project is
not enough. And I know that we have the Advisory Board for that, but
this model is not working neither. Maybe we need some periodical
meetings with technical staff of downstream projects. Maybe we can
organize this sort of meeting at GUADEC or we can organize hackfest for

-- Juanjo marin


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