Re: Candidacy: Seif Lotfy

On 6/1/10 9:18 AM, "Xavier Bestel" <xavier bestel free fr> wrote:

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> Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2010 08:41:19 -0700
> Subject: FW: Candidacy: Seif Lotfy
> From: "Lefty (=?ISO-2022-JP?B?GyRCQFA2QBsoQg==?= )" <lefty shugendo org>
> I find it quite amusing that you're using a Microsoft client on an Apple
> pc to defend your GNOME candidacy.
> Kudos for your sense of humor (or is it just plain provocation ?).
> Xav

For my part, I find it quite funny (not "funny ha-ha", but "funny weird")
the way that people subject others to pointless litmus tests, something
we're unfortunately way to prone to do in this community. Rather than judge
the content of an email message, Xav apparently needs to examine the headers
first for evidence of lurking "shill"-hood or something of that sort.

By doing so, we ensure that GNOME can become as insular and inwardly-looking
as possible. After all, we certainly wouldn't want to let just _anyone_ into
our little club here! They might use OS X on occasion or even _Windows_!
They might have an iPhone, or be unable to run sed from the command line or
something, and _then_ where would we be?

The purity of the GNOME community is at risk! I'd call for the immediate
institution of filters on the mailing list so as to dump any messages which
someone might have had the temerity to send from an unapproved email client,
or via an unapproved operating system right in the bit bucket so as to spare
Xav, and others who feel similarly, any future agonies of this sort.

Let me be very frank with you, Xav: this sort of behavior was definitely a
contributing factor to ACCESS' leaving the Advisory Board this past January,
and for our lack of sponsorship for GUADEC this year and last. It was a
directly contributing factor to my rescinding my offer to provide media
training for potential GNOME spokespeople at GUADEC this summer.

Well played, Xav. Well played.

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