Re: Candidacy: Seif Lotfy

>  I will just be frank here... 
> • Translation shifting from upstream to downstream ?
> • Development infrastructure limiting upstream contribution.
> • Canonical's Unity development, what does it mean for GNOME ?
> • Red Hat's control over GNOME Shell ?
> • Meego being a competition or a GNOME sister project ?
> • Smaller companies involvement into GNOME decisions
> • How much of GNOME is community driven and how much is company driven
> • Is the GNOME community forced to assimilate with decisions made by
> those companies?
> • More... 

OK, you were asked to list them. Anyway, why do you think there are

* From my point of view as part of the gtp coordination team I think
translations are not shifting downstream, we rather solved most of these
problems and have high-quality upstream translations.

* Why do you think our infrastructure is limiting?

* For the company statements IMHO despite I don't know anything about
the Unity plans I think those arent' true. Could you explain?


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