LiMo Foundation and GNOME Foundation Partner

LiMo Foundation and GNOME Foundation Partner to Catalyze Further Open
Source Innovation

Alignment between these two key organizations will accelerate
mainstream adoption of free and open source technologies and will
empower free and open source developers worldwide

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS – 26 July 2010 – LiMo Foundation and GNOME
Foundation today announced a key partnership with the objective of
collaborating closely on free and open source software innovation.
Starting immediately, LiMo Foundation will become a member of GNOME
Foundation’s Advisory Board and GNOME Foundation will become an
Industry Liaison Partner for LiMo Foundation. This development
represents a natural formalization founded upon the significant use of
GNOME Mobile software components within Release 2 and Release 3 of the
LiMo PlatformTM.

“LiMo has a proud heritage of well established open source technology
and is committed to bringing open source innovation to a broad range
of commercial products,” said Morgan Gillis, Executive Director of
LiMo Foundation. “This close alignment between LiMo and GNOME provides
important support for this commitment and will take in an expanding
ecosystem of products and services developed by GNOME developers in
conjunction with the members of LiMo Foundation.”

The LiMo Platform is a Linux based mobile device platform developed
collaboratively by a group of mobile industry leaders using high
quality open source technologies, including multiple components from
GNOME Mobile project such as Glib, GTK+, D-Bus, GStreamer and BlueZ,
amongst others.

“The objective of GNOME Mobile is to provide a platform for the next
stage of client computing. We are committed to bringing the quality
and freedom of GNOME to users on mobile platforms,” said Stormy
Peters, Executive Director of GNOME Foundation. “We are excited to
work with commercial partners like the LiMo Foundation to ensure that
GNOME Mobile technologies are available on mobile and connected
devices incorporating the LiMo platform.”

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